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The essential ingredient in all our chocolates is a high cocoa content.

This ensures a consistently high quality end product and a delicious taste.

Our chocolates are made in our specialised kitchen which is not a nut - free establishment, therefore some of our products may contain traces of nuts.

Deep roast coffe


Deep roast coffee - Roast Coffee infused in double cream, combined with dark chocolate






Pink grapefruit - A Sharp refreshing combination enclosed in a dark chocolate cup.






Giandjua - Rich & dark caramelised hazelnut centre.







Chilli - The warmth of the Chilli on the tongue accentuates the richness of the dark chocolate.





Dark Lime - Lime oil combines with dark chocolate to give a distinct citrus hit.



Cocoa & fresh cream



Cocoa & fresh cream - The name says it all - for the serious chocolate lover.



Orange truffel



Orange truffle - Oil of oranges and orange pieces in milk chocolate, rolled in white chocolate and toasted oatmeal flakes.


Cranachan truffle


Cranachan truffle - Very Scottish combination of raspberries, honey & cream rolled in white chocolate and toasted oatmeal flakes.



Lemon sorbe



Lemon Sorbet - Whipped lemon & lemon pieces, centre hand dipped in white chocolate.



Caramel cup



Caramel cup - Soft buttery caramel encased in dreamy milk chocolate.



Strawberries & cream



Strawberries & cream - Freeze dried strawberries with double cream & white chocolate centre.



Vanilla heart



Vanilla heart - Double cream seeded vanilla and creamy white chocolate centres.


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